Welcome to our Hive

Supportive community where we can show up as we are.

No faking it. No holding back.

No regrets. No labels.

We are 3Talking Bees.

Bee fearless. Bee inspired. Bee YOU.

About Us

Who are you? Well when I was a young, school-aged girl, I was an aspiring priest *cue the Catholic church rolling their eyes*. Since then I’ve been a poem writer, a busy-body, a single mom, a doodle-drawer, a divorcee, an anxiety sufferer, a community involved citizen, a re-marrier, an entrepreneur and so many other things. I’ve been labeled, name-called, told what I “can’t” do, rejected and diagnosed with conditions that will live in my chart forever. And you probably have similar experiences. We’re all human, right? Changes in my circumstances, experiences, and labels do not define me but they unite us because change is a guarantee of life.

I’ve had trouble finding a page or group that has real, honest discussions about the changes that occur in life and how to handle them. And, while I want to talk about change, I also want to change the conversation to offer a different, more positive perspective. I’m tired of the comparisons and feeling “less than”. I’ve been looking for a non judgemental, genuine, and supportive community where we can show up as we are. No faking it. No holding back. No regrets. No labels. That’s 3 Talking Bees.

And, I’m sure you’re wondering why the number 3 so let me further explain. I am a religious person with Christian affiliation so the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are of great importance to me. But, in no way is 3Talking Bees a “Christian-only club”, all are welcome and all are to be heard. 3 also refers to the number of simple phrases I’ve lived by for years and that are the motto of 3Talking Bees: bee fearless, bee inspired, bee you.

3Talking Bees is a brand that allows you and us to wear our experiences on the outside. But it’s more than a brand, it’s also a community and support group of sorts on multiple social media platforms where you can share your stories, ask questions, and engage with others in similar shoes. We need each other! In the 3Talking Bees shop, you’ll find original apparel, creations, and home goods that represent the creativity, choices, transitions, and growing pains faced by our team and all our bees (that’s you). You’ll find items that you resonate with deeply whereas others may just sit well with your soul. Some might simply look nice and match your current wardrobe or decor. Whatever the case, welcome to the hive, we are so glad you’re here.

Postage Stamp Image of founder of 3Talking Bees Kelly Waite